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Egmont Dixon


The Wellington Company


Project Management





Situated on the corner of Willis St and Manners, the upper level bare workspace underwent a transformation to accommodate Egmont Dixon’s new Wellington Office. Utilising our own team and consultant partners, we set out to design a functional and contemporary open-plan office that would provide a backdrop to the diverse range of projects managed by the business, encompassing both commercial and residential endeavours.

What was created was a contemporary and urban workplace that optimised an open, adaptable, and collaborative environment for the benefit of the team and clients alike. The office's aesthetic aims to provide a striking contrast, combining a bright and airy workspace that looks out over the city with darker tones and colours to establish a sense of grounding throughout the entire area. Notable features include a collaborative kitchen, four meeting rooms, a waiting area, polished concrete floors, and large windows that offer captivating views of the harbour and different quarters of the city.

The resulting space strikes a delicate balance between modern living and working, serving as an exciting environment for collaboration.

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