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About us

Egmont Dixon was created to provide a fresh approach to the delivery of property transactions, developments and projects: Our way is personalised, accountable and hands-on.


For the what, how and who, scroll down. Or explore more about our incredible team, examples of our work and our clients. Then, when you're ready: let's talk.  


We offer end-to-end delivery mechanisms for most (if not all) property projects. Our expertise extends to project advisory, feasibility, design management, project structuring, development and project budgeting, procurement, construction management and project close-out.



We work closely - in a true partnership with our clients to ensure optimum property and development solutions. Our team is highly experienced in understanding client needs and requirements, and applying risk management strategies to ensure any potential risks to the client and/or project are mitigated at the very outset.



For any property transaction, development or project to be successfully delivered from concept to completion, an impartial and independent professional is required. One whom assumes total responsibility for delivery to ensure optimum results. The good news is that we have a whole team of them. Read more about them here

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